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Itbiz created the site of the Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology. All partners of the company, but especially Ms. Chryssa Patsa, with knowledge, desire, passion and kindness was always very willing to meet our every requirement. 
Mily Zifa Assistant Professor Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology University of Thessaly

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Web strategy

  • Goal: Design a roadmap that will guide the projects development and define the results we are aiming at

Define the results we are aiming at

In order to know where we are heading we must first define where we want to get. This means that at the beginning of each project we must clearly define the projects objectives.

Company analysis

We must define the company's competitive advantages in order to ensure that the project design builds upon those advantages.

Competition analysis

We research your competitors web sites and on-line applications in order to ensure that the approach that will be used will offer to your business competitive advantages

Customers profiling

Understanding how your prospects and customers use the Internet creates new opportunities for engagement and provides important information that will be used in site design.


A roadmap that will guide the projects development in terms of:

  • Conceptual design and content structure
  • Creative design approach
  • Technology that must be deployed (use of CMS, custom development, microsites development, etc)
  • Web promotion needed


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Itbiz international offers its services worldwide and is focusing in the areas of web site design and development, ecommerce web design, content management systems, internet applications development, web strategy consulting, search engine optimization and social media marketing. We address web services needs of all types and size of websites and guarantee 100% work satisfaction.